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Eagle's Nest

This is a list of Troop 400 scouts who have been awarded the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank attainable in Boy Scouts.  The title of Eagle Scout is held for life, thus giving rise to the phrase "Once an Eagle, always an Eagle".

Requirements for the Eagle Rank include earning at least 21 merit badges and demonstrating Scout Spirit in the Boy Scout Oath and Law, Selfless Service, and Leadership. This includes an extensive service project that the Scout plans, organizes, leads, and manages. Eagle Scouts are presented with a medal and a badge that visibly recognizes the accomplishments of the Scout. Additional recognition can be earned as Eagle Palms, awarded for completing additional tenure, leadership, and merit badge requirements.

Troop 400 Eagles:

Jacob Bosecker

Zachary Jones

Elliot Umbarger

Thomas Alling

Tristan Ratka

Christopher Massey
 Macon Hubert 2019
 Jacob Owens 2019
 Travis Brown 2019
Caleb Sublett 2019
 Stuart McBroom 2019
 Aiden James 2019
 Andrew Van Sickle 2019
 Michael Hammer 2019
 Logan Dean 2019
 Matthew Rigsbee 2018
 Justin Earp 2018
 Alex Earp 2018
 Jesse Shipman 2017
 Joshua Rigsbee 2017
Jacob Cherry2016
Justin Van Sickle2016
Michael Jones2016
Sam Phelps2016
Victor Chi2016
 Evan Menchini2015
Marshall T. Wilfong2015
Aaron R. Moran2015
Brooks Mixon2015
Douglas Cannaday2015
Michael J. Flanary2015
Adam B. Merritt2014
Christian Walters2014
Elijah R. Shipman2014
Joshua T. Glazer2014
Madison P. Craft2014
Matthew A. Jones2014
William C. Eudy2014
Alexander Sublett2013
Christopher Casto2013
Kevin Parham2013
Aaron Menchini2012
Carson S. Cherry2012
Cody A. Helm2012
Jake Buttry2012
Charles Logan2011
Christopher R. West2011
David Korest2011
Ian Dolejs2011
Michael Rasberry2011
Tyler Hanson2011
Clinton R. Cherry2010
John C. Woodell2010
John M. West2010
Joseph W. Konvika2010
Ethan P. Norman2009
Andy T. Parham2008
Arthur Cody Pope2008
Eric B. Hofmann2008
Houston Gilbreath2008
Jared C. Wicker2008
Thomas Walters2008
Alex Griffis2007
Curt A. Hofmann2007
Greg D. Porter2007
Michal E. Powell2007
Andrew Hawkey2006
Andrew R. Naples2006
Daniel C. McAndrew2006
Hunter H. Janes2006
Michael B. Forsyth2006
Nicholas S. Schwab2006
Ryan Kay2006
Stephan S. Hunike2006
Alexander Will2005
Andrew Covington2005
Blalock Matt2005
Brian C. Parham2005
Friskney Seth2005
Friskney Stewart2005
George P. Crownover2005
Newman Joe2005
Chris Muellenbach2004
Dan Porter2004
Jason Newman2004
Max Elkins2004
Andrew M. Smith2003
Jason Forsyth2003
Joe Simpson2003
Michael Jones2003
Seth E. Venable2003
Jacob J. Szuch2002
Michael Sieber2002
Scott Page2002
Christopher D. Sizemore2001
Daniel Boyce2001
Jody Unchurch2001
Wes A. Blalock2001
Zachary Howe2001
Brad Elkins2000
Jason Gordon2000
Eric Howe1999
Matthew McCorison1999
Matthew Sizemore1999
Nathan Anderson1999
Stevan A. Simpson1999
Jonathan S. Hallenborg1998
Scott R. Gordon1998
Stevan Boyce1998
Thomas J. Gentry1998
Eric Poston1997
Patrik L. Burrell1997
David S. Reynolds1996
Mark D. Henderson1996
Seth A. Howe1996
Charales C. McDougal1995
John T. Pearson1995
William McDougal1995
Andrew R. Router1994
Joe P. Dobson1976
Robert Michael Bridges1976
David W. Dickerson1974
George Solomon1974
Joseph L. Mills1974
Theodore B. Lupton1973
Charles J. Mitchell1972
David D. Duhling1972
Gary L. Sykes1972
J. Barry Solomon1972
Michael B. King1972
Phillip E. Bright1972
Robert J. Brueckner1972
William D. Holleman1970