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Philmont 2021

This page will be updated frequently as we need to disseminate news for Philmont participants for the Summer of 2021.


All Crew Members should familiarize themselves with the Shakedown Documents below. These documents discuss camping and cooking practices at Philmont, as well as key roles in the organization of a crew. We will be working to follow these guidelines, and electing Scouts to Crew Positions

We will be conducting several prep hikes to get our crew in shape throughout this Scouting season. Look for updates Below on hike schedules, planned routes, tenting and menu plans.

Basic Information for Philmont Registration

All crew members should complete the Participant Worksheet and email it to Mr. Cox as soon as possible, so that he can update the registrar.

Youth Leadership Roles

The crews will select leaders from their members in the following roles:

Crew Leader

A well-qualified Scout, Venturer or Explorer should be elected as Crew Leader before training begins. The Crew Leader is responsible for organizing the crew, assigning duties, making decisions and recognizing the capabilities of each crew member. He or she leads by example and discusses ideas and alternatives with the entire crew to arrive at a consensus before taking action. This responsibility requires someone with leadership ability who is respected by everyone. The adult Advisors will work closely with this individual. The Crew Leader’s responsibilities include: • Incorporate the principles of the Scout Oath and Law into the trek experience. • Follow the assigned itinerary. • Complete a crew duty roster. • Adhere to all Philmont bear and wildlife procedures.

Chaplain's Aide

Each crew should also select a Chaplain’s Aide, perhaps a member of the crew who has received a religious award in Scouting. The Chaplain’s Aide is responsible for assisting the crew in being reverent during their time in the backcountry, as well as working with the Crew Leader and Lead Advisor to ensure the smooth operation of the crew. The Chaplain’s Aide will be asked to lead daily devotionals from the Eagles Soaring High booklet, lead grace before meals and encourage participation in religious services. A packet of worship resources (including the Eagles Soaring High booklet) will be provided for use along the trail during a training session on the day of your crew’s arrival at Philmont. The Chaplain’s Aide will guide the crew’s participation in the Duty to God program and will certify completion of the Duty to God Award requirements for each crew member. (Awards will be available to purchase at the Tooth of Time Traders at the conclusion of the trek; proceeds support the Chaplain Program at Philmont).

The Chaplain’s Aide’s responsibilities include: 
• Set a good example by living the principles of the Scout Oath and Law. 
• Teach the Philmont Grace to crew and use it before meals. 
• Lead Roses, Thorns and Buds each night. 
• Assist the Crew Leaders and Advisors in conflict resolution. 
• Provide support to fellow crew members that are having difficulties. 
• Encourage fellow crew members in their own personal walk with God.
• Lead crew in daily reflections from Eagles Soaring High booklet. 
• Encourage the crew to attend chapel services in Base Camp and in the backcountry if services are available on the crew’s itinerary. 

Wildreness Pledge Guia

Each crew will select a Wilderness Pledge Guia. This individual will help the crew understand the principles of the Philmont Wilderness Pledge and Leave No Trace principles. This person helps the crew focus on camping practices that adhere to wilderness ethics outlined in the two approaches and ensures that the crew follows all Philmont camping practices. With more than 22,000 participants camping each summer at Philmont, it is important that each person do their share to ensure that we protect Philmont and our neighbors’ properties for generations to come. The Wilderness Pledge Guia will certify completion of the Wilderness Pledge Achievement Award requirements for each crew member. (Awards will be available to purchase at the Tooth of Time Traders at the conclusion of the trek; proceeds support the Sustainability Program at Philmont). 

The Wilderness Pledge Guia’s responsibilities include: 
• Learn the principles of the Wilderness Pledge and Leave No Trace 
• Assist the crew in implementing Wilderness Pledge and Leave No Trace principles throughout your trek. 
• Guide the crew in discussions about wilderness ethics by focusing on a different principle of Leave No Trace for seven days on the trail. 
• Help the crew follow all camping practices as outlined by their Ranger and strictly follow Philmont’s bear and wildlife procedures. 
• Help crew members earn the Wilderness Pledge Achievement Award with the help of the Ranger/Horseman/Wrangler. 
• Lead the crew in preparation and completion of the scheduled conservation project while on the trail.

We've scheduled our first prep hike for the weekend of December 11-13, 2020. We will be following a similar route to the March 2020 Prep hike. We will meet at 5PM on the 11th, at the parking lot of the Eno River State Park. We will hike into the Cox Mountain Camp, stay for the night and make a route that includes visits to the old homesteads on the property, as well as lunch at the Buckwater Creek Camp. We will camp the second night at the Fanny's Ford Campsites, overlooking the Eno, with a short two-mile walkout on Sunday morning. We expect that Scouts can be picked up around 10AM Sunday in the parking lot.

Scouts will need to provide their own sleeping arrangements (unless tenting with an immediate family member), and provide their own food for this trip, so please plan accordingly. We will expect cold weather, and will brief Scouts the week of departure as to best packing practices for this trip.

November 17th, 2020 Update:

We need to hear from you! Philmont allows participants to choose the programs and the route difficulty prior to arrival. Please use the form below to let Troop 400 leaders know what the Crews want out of their trip. We will use the feedback from this form to choose itineraries that suit each Crew's interests. Philmont will be releasing their 2021 itinerary guide in January, and we want to be prepared!

December 16th, 2020 Update:

Philmont has released their Itinerary Guidebook for 2021! Check out this link for information on all of the available hikes and programs for Philmont in 2021!

February 2, 2021 Update:

We are still waiting to hear what itineraries Philmont decides for us, based on our preferences. If you're planning on attending the next prep hike, please let us know by filling out the form below!