Blue Ridge Summer Camp Update

Post date: May 17, 2016 2:21:59 AM

Only 32 days until we leave for our trip to Blue Ridge Summer Camp!

Please read through the details below for important information. This Chart has information specific to each scout. Also be sure to read through each camp’s leaders guide for packing list suggestions and camp details. As always, don’t hesitate to ask any questions -

Payments due – Final payments are due to Blue Ridge at the end of May so please submit your payment to the troop if you haven’t already. If you can’t make the payment on time, just speak to Mr. Ratka about it so we know your status.

Health forms – If you haven’t already completed health forms, please do so ASAP.

Leadership for the Voyageur Trek and Claytor Lake will be by the camp’s provisional leadership and while Troop 400 scouts will be together, they will not be with Troop 400 leaders.

UPDATE: Marshall Wilfong, one of our past Eagle Scouts has volunteered to help Mr. Ratka with camp leadership for our 7 scouts at base camp! Marshall is a great guy and the boys will love working with him.

Transportation – If you saw the email from Gary, you know we’re in need of additional transportation. We were going to utilize the church van, but it is going to be in use by other groups during that time. On the way there, Mr. Ratka can carry 7 scouts, Ruby Johnson has volunteered to take up to 6 scouts, so we need one more vehicle to get the rest of the boys there. On the return trip, we will need transportation for 8 scouts in addition to the 7 Mr. Ratka will be bringing back.

Swimmer’s Tests – Be aware that scouts that are also going to Raven Knob can complete their swim test with Mr. Menchini, but Blue Ridge requires that the tests be completed at camp, so they may need to do it twice. Swim gear should be packed at the top of their day pack to be ready to go when we arrive at camp.

Mosquitoes - We're told that flying bugs are very rare at Blue Ridge and mosquitoes are not a problem.

Care packages – Camp mail can be hit or miss, so if you want to send care packages during the week, prepare them in advance and give them to Mr. Ratka for safe keeping and distribution – just mark the day you want it delivered on the package.

Medications – If your scout is on regular medication or may need medication for allergies, etc., be sure to notify Mr. Ratka

Uniforms – Class A uniform should be worn on the way to and returning from camp and will be worn for dinner each evening.

Tents – Tents are provided by the camp

Fishing licenses - Scouts that will be 17 or over at the time of camp and who want to fish will require a Virginia fishing license

Activity Consent Forms - All scouts need an activity consent form which can be found here. Bring it to Mr. Ratka at your earliest opportunity.

Packing for the trip - Have your scout prepare a packing list and pack their gear. This is an activity they will need to do throughout their time in scouts, so while you should make sure they have everything, make sure they put forth the effort. Voyageur Trek attendees should use a backpack. All other scouts can use a backpack or footlocker.

Merit Badge signup - Scouts attending Powhatan base camp (non Brownsea Island) and Claytor Lake need to provide a list of merit badges they want to sign up for. The merit badge list and schedule can be found in the Powhatan and Claytor Lake Leader's Guides. If scouts will also be attending Raven Knob, they may want to consider taking any pre-requisites for RK merit badges while at Blue Ridge.

Claytor lake scouts wishing to do personal watercraft will need to pay an additional $60 fee and turn in a personal watercraft agreement - this is a five day course and other merit badges will not be able to be taken.

New scouts attending Brownsea Island can sign up for the bird study merit badge in the morning before their regular activities start but it is not required. Additional merit badge opportunities may be available during evening programs but may not be announced until camp starts.

Safe Boating Course - Scouts attending Claytor Lake are required to complete a safe boating course before camp. An online Boater Safety Course is available at Print your card and give it to Mr. Ratka at the troop meeting.

Leader's Guides - This Link will take you to all of the camp Leader's Guides. Please take some time to review the the appropriate one with your scout so they know what to expect at camp.

Additional Expenses - Scouts will need to bring gas money for their driver and money for the trading post. Most boys will spend a $2-10 per day on snacks and Slush Puppies.