Spring Camporee, April 27-29: Vikings!

Post date: Feb 15, 2018 1:35:51 PM

  • The Spring District Camporee is coming in April, and we are looking forward to a Viking-themed event! We will have more information during upcoming Troop meetings on how to prepare. Things to look forward to include:Viking Boat Race

  • Catapult Range

  • Sword Fighting

  • Fire-building

  • Tautrekk- Viking Tug-of-War

  • Skinntrekk- More Viking Tug-of-War (the Vikings liked Tug-of-War)

  • Spydkast- Javelin!

  • Varpa- Viking Horseshows

  • Hatchet throw

All events will be competitive and earn gold that can be traded in the Viking Inn for Camporee items, the patrols that turn in the most gold will be the top patrols for Camporee.