Spring Siwash!

Post date: Jan 9, 2018 3:08:58 PM

One of our most popular camping trips of the year is rescheduled for March 10-11 at Camp Campbell.

What's Siwash?

Siwash was a originally a trade language used by European settlers and Pacific Northwest Indians in the 19th century, but the term "Siwash" has become a term commonly used to refer to camping without a tent. For our Siwash, Scouts will be camping without tents (building outdoor shelters), preparing their own food (foraged or packed), and enjoying the crisp fall weather!

What exactly will we be doing?

We will be learning how to build shelters & plan on sleeping in them, it would be a good idea to team up & build together.

We will work on starting fires without matches.

Fishing will be an option.

What do we need to bring?

Scouts are responsible for own food, there is water available at Camp Campbell.

Scouts should be prepared, and should dress appropriately for the weather. This means layering could be important for this trip. Scouts should bring $5 for their driver.

Essentials to consider packing:

  • sleeping bag

  • pocket knife

  • rain jacket

  • change of socks

  • flash light

  • small tarp

  • matches

  • water bottle

  • Poly-cord rope (50-100 feet)

  • Mess Kit


  • Fishing stuff

  • dryer lint (for starting fires)

  • hatchet or pack saw if you have your Totin' Chip

Food Suggestions

  • Breakfast bars, or Ramen, trail mix (think small and light)

  • Foil, oil, and spices if want to fish and cook your catch

  • Soup mixes

  • Bagged tuna or chicken

What are the Logistics?

We will meet at the Scout Shed 0730 Saturday the 10th, and departing by 0800.

We could stop for breakfast on Sunday if we wanted- if so, scouts would need extra cash.

We will return by lunch on Sunday the 11th. We will be sending out an ETA via the Troop Remind app.

A Scout is Courteous- Scouts should bring 5$ for their driver.

If you have questions about the campout, ask your patrol leader at the upcoming Troop Meeting. If you have logistics questions, please email the Troop Outdoor Chair.