Kerr Lake Boat Camping

Post date: May 4, 2018 12:45:09 PM

Troop 400 will be headed to Hemric Scout Reservation on the weekend May 19th-20th. This will be a boat-in camping trip, and all Scouts will need to pack as if they were backpacking. We will not be cooking as patrols, so Scouts will need to plan their own food, as if they were backpacking.

Boat camping requires a few different needs than a typical backpacking trip. See the details below for how to keep you and your gear dry, and to have a good time.


    • Meet at the Scout Shed Saturday the 19th at 7:30 AM, and depart by 8:00 AM.

    • Drive to Longwood State Park (about an hour drive) and leave vehicles and boat trailers at the boat ramp

    • Canoe to Hemric Island, set up camp, and have lunch

    • Play, have fun, eat dinner, and campfire.

    • Eat Breakfast, break camp, paddle back to Longwood State Park, and depart home.

To Pack:

Gear Dry Storage Options:

      • Drybags are nice. There are some good ones available on Amazon:

      • 5 gallon Buckets with lids (from Lowes or Home Depot) work well. Two of them should hold clothes, food, and a sleeping bag

      • 2 gallon Ziplock bags in day back and day pack in trash bag

Personal Gear:

      • Shoes that can get wet, and an additional pair of shoes

      • Sleeping Bag

      • Tent (recommend Scouts double up in tents, or hammock solo)

      • Flash light

      • Change of clothes & socks (swimming shorts or board shorts work well and dry quickly when paddling).

      • Sweatshirt/Fleece for windy conditions/night

      • Backpack stove and pot for cooking

      • Hat and Sunscreen

Food Suggestions:

Hemric Scout Reservation
    • Breakfast

      • Packaged oatmeal, breakfast bars, grits, granola, dehydrated eggs, pancake mix, dry cereal, instant tea or coffee, powdered milk, juice, fresh fruit, dried fruits.

    • Lunch

      • Jerky, dried fruit, fig bars, bagels, tuna or chicken in a bag, energy bars, nuts, smoked sausage, cheese and crackers

    • Dinner

      • Packaged meals, pasta, instant rice, ramen noodles, instant soups and sauces, instant stuffing, instant potatoes and tuna.

      • Consider bringing along some favorite spices (onion and garlic powder, basil, oregano). Quesadillas are super easy: pack in cheese and tortillas. Warm, gooey cheese is phenomenal after a day in the cold. We like to throw in some packaged protein (chicken is great) and add that into the mix.