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Mawat District Eagle Project Proposal Approval Process

Mawat District Eagle Officers


The Process


Contact Mr. Esser's assistant- Mrs. Jennifer Snead or call the office at 919-361-0360 and request an eagle project proposal review meeting (be sure to also copy your scoutmaster and/or your parent on the email to maintain Youth Protection guidelines).  Contacting Mrs. Snead is the fastest method of getting on the district schedule for project review. Mr. Esser has set aside multiple times each week to allow for Scouts and their parents or Scout leaders to come to his office and conduct a proposal review. Only under extenuating circumstances would Mr. Menchini or the District Advancement Chairman be engaged to conduct a review of an Eagle Project proposal.  


It should not be assumed that an appointment with Mr. Esser will be possible immediately, therefore, a Scout should be prepared with plenty of time to allow the project proposal review to take place.  Every effort will be taken to accommodate a Scout and his needs, but setting a date to begin work on the project before gaining proposal approval is not advised.  Proximity to a Scouts’ 18th birthday will not be a leading cause for urgent action by the Mawat District Advancement volunteers.  A Life Scout who is close to age 18 is to be prepared, and plan the timing of his project and all the steps necessary to complete it before he turns 18.